TAG Dental implant systems represent excellent FDA- certified products.

The TAG Dental research team is pleased to introduce a new generation of systems based on the concept of "Platform Switching".

One implant system with three concepts

1. Implants: "platform switching"
2. Abutments: "reverse crown" (concave profile)
3. Connection: the same socket head connection for all implant diameters

All this implies:

• Maximum simplification of implant systems
• More opportunities to perform immediate loading
• Improved cosmetic results
• Greater prevention of peri-implantitis

All implants and abutments are constructed with an ally that is biocompatible with Titanium 23 (Ti 6Al 4v ELI).

The MACROSTRUCTURE is designed to ensure clinicians maximum stability. This is essential to achieve the necessary osteointegration and make immediate loading possible in a high percentage of cases, even the most complex.

The MICROSTRUCTURE of the surface roughness (40-1 micron) is obtained by sandblasting followed by a double process of acidification (SLA). This increases bone-implant contact and allows increased mechanical anchoring, thus producing excellent primary stability and optimal cellular attachment. Changes in the implant surface using nanotechnologies lead to a considerable improvement of osteoconductive and ionic hydrophilic properties. This promotes active ionic interaction with blood plasma, resulting in better and more rapid osteointegration and better distribution of bone-implant contact (BIC).


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