ITALYMED grows out of an idea developed over time and taking into account evolving market trends and implant technologies. The aim is to offer to physicians and dentists an always up-to-date response. This response consists of a "comprehensive" and complete service which simplifies life for professionals by offering high profile solutions, technologies and materials while keeping an eye on value for money.

ITALYMED wanted to make an excellently manufactured implant system available to its clients. This system had to meet the criteria of offering maximum possible simplicity in both surgical and prosthetic protocols and excellent primary stability in response to the increasingly urgent demand for immediate loading implants and abutments offering the best possible aesthetic results.

Everything was aimed at offering dentists a system with exceptional characteristics at an absolutely competitive price.

ITALYMED identified TAG Dental as the company capable of supplying an implant system meeting these criteria.

TAG Dental is the division responsible for the producing implants at TAG Medical Products Ltd. For over 40 years, this company has worked and made products in the medical field. Initially, it provided instruments for orthopaedics and arthroscopy (the ARTHRO section). Later, it created a DENTAL section for making implant lines.

TAG Dental has designed and developed a new philosophy which makes simplification of the system its main objective. It has chosen design solutions and basic materials which have proven to give the highest clinical and aesthetic results over the years.

This was the reason for their decision to use Titanium 23 in constructing implants and abutments, surface treatment with sandblasting, acid-etching (SLA) and an internal hexagon implant of 2.44 mm, equal to any implant diameter. TAG Dental also adopts "Platform Switching" concepts and a reverse profile for abutments (reverse crowns).

This system offers a great little revolution, offering dental professionals the ability to efficiently and rapidly meet patient requests with excellent solutions.

To complete its range of dentistry services, ITALYMED has created important partnerships with leading businesses as well as technological companies involved in software assisted implantology, digital dentistry, digital 2D and 3D radiology and digital production systems for orthodontic aligners.

ITALYMED is a corporate partner of the UNISALUTE insurance network within the medical-dental sector. Within this network, member dentists have the opportunity to purchase TAG Dental products directly on our e-commerce site,, via the Unisalute Home Page. This is done by clicking on the "Offers" banner and then "ITALYMED".